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Tumbling Classes

Do you want to learn to tumble?


At Freedom Athletics, we teach safe tumbling to athletes of all ages and skill levels.


Students are led by USASF-certified instructors who have been trained to teach in a progressive, safe and scaffolded way.


Tumbling classes are offered for levels 1-5, and emphasize strength building, muscle memory, and body position mastery as the core of safe progression.

⭐️ Tumbling classes for levels 1 - 5
⭐️ Tumble Bugs beginner classes for ages 3-5
⭐️ Tumbling private lessons with our USASF Certified staff
⭐️ Adult tumbling & cheer classes
⭐️ Specialty tumbling clinics & camps 

Small Group, Skill Specific Classes

⭐️ Classes have a 7-student maximum and 5-student minimum, and feature a semi-private setting for maximum athlete attention & progression 
⭐️ Classes meet 1X per week, for 75 minutes, and run in 6 to 8-week sessions 
⭐️ Instructors work w/athletes on SKILL SPECIFIC content in a small group setting, such as: Back handsprings, back tucks, front/ back walkovers, layouts, fulls, aerial skills & "Freedom Tumbling Foundations" (for novice athletes)
⭐Classes are broken into age-appropriate groups: 6-11 years old & 11-15 years old

 ⭐️ Cost is $160/per session

Open Tumbling
open tumble Stunt

Looking for some extra tumbling & stunting time?


So,  you used to cheer and you think you still got it?


Saturday Open Tumbling & Stunting is for those who are serious about working on their skills independently, without coaching. We provides an opportunity for athletes to come practice their tumbling skills in a safe, supervised environment, while giving them the freedom to try new things on their own in a gym setting.  

This session is for athletes who want to work on their skills independently and is NOT an open gym session.


Dates vary, but will take place on Saturdays, from 9-11 a.m. The actual dates will always be announced and promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Google Business.

For ages six and up,

Cost is $20/per person.

TumbleBugs Tumble Page
tumble bugs

Is your little one ready to get started with tumbling? 

This beginner-focused class is designed for kiddos ages 3-5, and combines the basics of tumbling and cheer in a fun, age-appropriate format. 

Mastering elements such as handstands, forward rolls and cartwheels is essential for becoming a strong, well-rounded tumbler.  Skills like these are mixed with the basics of stunting and jumping, cheer and tumbling terminology, an introduction to motions, trampoline time and plenty of fun and games. 

This "first step" class aims to help build a solid foundation of skills while lighting the fire of excitement for tumbling and cheerleading for your little Tumble Bug.

Tumbling Private Lessons
Private lessons

Would you like to sharpen your skills with private lessons?


  Private or small group coaching for tumbling, fitness training, cheer skills and stunting (including all-girl, coed & partner stunts),

 taught on your schedule.  


Our highly trained, USASF-certified  coaches offer personalized attention for maximum learning. 


Private and small-group lessons and packages available. 

adult open tumbling
Cheer Fit

Are you a former cheerleader who misses the mat but doesn't want to commit to a full season?


 Cheer Fit Class -- where athletes can train like an Allstar without the high fees or competitions! 

Once open, this class will be offered to those ages 16+ and will include a mix of tumbling, stunting, dancing, flexibility, and conditioning.


Text Coach Nancy for more info! 321-508-4300 

Here's the need-to-know info ...

Leave your jewelry & long nails at home
Wear sneakers & gym clothes (sports bra, for sure. Maybe two 🤣)
Put long hair up in a ponytail
BYOB (bring your own Bengay- HA!)

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