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ALL Star Cheer
All Star Cheer

Come see why everybody loves Freedom!


Training cheerleaders to become champions - on and off the mat - in Brevard County since 2003.


Freedom offers competitive, prep and recreational all star cheerleading programs for all ages & skill levels. We're committed to training athletes to excel in the sport of cheerleading through scaffolded teaching techniques designed to help every athlete master each skill before moving onto the next.


This safety-based approach is endorsed and promoted by the United States All Star Federation, and develops athletes physical and mental abilities to their fullest potential. 

Our coaches are all USASF-certified, background checked, drug-screened and hand picked for their leadership qualities and enthusiasm. 

Our goal is simple: We love cheerleading, and want

your young athletes to love it too.

Freedom's Allstar Season runs from June - early May 

2024-'25 Freedom Allstar Season Info

Skills Evaluations: June 1, 2024 or June 8, 2024

Parent Meeting (via Zoom): May 30 @ 6:30pm

Mid Season Cheer
CHeer Fundamentals

Do you know someone who wants to give competitive Cheerleading a try, but isn't ready to commit to a full or mid-season team?

Our CHEER FUNDAMENTALS class is the perfect option!


Freedom Cheer Fundamentals Class is designed to help athletes fall in love with the sport of cheerleading, while learning the foundations of tumbling, stunting, jumping and dance. This class introduces all-star cheer without a full season commitment. We provide a fun and safe atmosphere where athletes learn proper technique, skill progression and body awareness

⭐ All ages and skill levels welcome - especially beginners⠀
⭐ This is a 12 week class.  Practice days To-Be-Anounced
⭐ Learn tumbling, stunting, dance, jump basics/progression⠀
⭐ Participants will learn a routine for an in-house exhibition⠀
⭐ This is a new USASF-designed program⠀
⭐ $100/mo. includes performance outfit & bow⠀
⭐ This is a CLASS, not a team.

Mid Season Cheer

Ready to get going in the world of competitive cheerleading, but not quite ready to commit to our

year-round all star program? 

Try Freedom's Mid-Season Cheer!

 2023-'24 Freedom Mid-Season Team!


Skills Evaluations

* Registration begins Nov. 1 , 2023 *

  • Please choose ONE of the following dates & times to tryout;

    • Saturday, November 4

      • Birth years 2017 - 2014 (ages 6-9) : 10 - 11 am

      • Birth years 2014 - 2011 (ages 9-12) : 11am - 12pm

      • Birth years 2013 - 2007 (ages 10-16) : 12 - 1pm

    • Saturday, November 11

      • Birth years 2017 - 2014 (ages 6-9) : 10 - 11 am

      • Birth years 2014 - 2011 (ages 9-12) : 11am - 12pm

      • Birth years 2013 - 2007 (ages 10-16) : 12 - 1pm

Program Costs (monthly)

  • Monthly tuition: $95​​ (cash) or $100 (credit card)

  • Discounted Small Group Tumbling classes  

Program Costs (one time fee)

  • Evaluation fee: $20

  • Signup fee: $125 

  • Choreography Fee: $80 

  • Music Fee: $75 

  • Competition Fee: $210

  • New Uniform (Top & Skirt):  $175

  • New Competition Bow: $20 - $25 

  • Competition Lips: $50

Competition Dates

  • March 9, 2024 — Freedom Showcase at Viera High School

  • April 6, 2024 — Ultimate Battleground in Ft. Pierce

  • April 27 or 28, 2024 — The Grand Nationals in Orlando, FL

Here's a list of other important, good-to-know info ...

  • BILLING: Accounts are billed on the 20th of each month. Payment is due on the 25th. All accounts must have a credit card on file so we can auto draft your payment.

  • Practice 1x a week
    There will be additional practices added for routine choreography & occasional extra practices.

  • We project to have a mini and/or a youth team. If an athlete is junior age and has the skills we need we will put them on our Team United who has been practicing since August. ( price differences )

Cheer Fundamentals
Team LadyBugs

Enrollment for the spring session of

Team Ladybugs begins January 9, 2023! 

This intro to cheer program, for kids age 4 - 8 years old, incorporates age-appropriate, beginner-level instruction in tumbling, jumps, dance, stunting, motions, movement, flexibility and more. 

Here's what you need to know ...


🐞Team Ladybugs 8-week session: Begins January 9 


🐞Team Blue Ladybugs (for kids ages 4-5)

     *🐞 Practice:  Meets 1x/week for 1 hour, Tuesdays

🐞Team Red Ladybugs (for kids ages 6-8)

     *🐞 Practice: Meets 1x/week for 1 hour. Tuesdays

🐞End of season performance will be at Freedom Athletics on Nov. 7

🐞Cost: $206/session 
🐞Additional Cost: Performance uniform $100

Athletics will learn a 1-m,inute routine that will be performed at the Freedom Cheer Showcase March 9 in the Viera High School Gym.

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