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Our Athletes


 They are our Pride and Joy. We train physically at the highest level of excellence and they learn special life skills of leadership and ownership. We coach integrity, confidence and teamwork. Our Athletes are the future and we are committed to their Life Success.


Our Program


We offer a unique and diverse approach to teach your athlete every aspect of competitive cheerleading through positive reinforcement safe skill progression and teamwork.


Our Coaches


They are committed to our athlete’s success on and off the mat. Their talent and dedication shows up in everything they do to support their teams. They position themselves as life coaches and support them in everything they do.


Our Gym


We pride ourselves on creating the perfect environment that offers a sense of belonging to all. It is safe and clean. Our equipment is advanced and we take special care of our space for our Athletes to train at the highest possible level.


Our Neighborhood


We support our Community in many ways. It is where we live and where we are from. We are passionate about making a difference and giving back to the community that our Gym is a part of.


Our Freedom Family


For many of us this is our second home which is why we call it our Family. We support each other unconditionally and welcome new faces into our program. This is our village, where we laugh, we care, and we share stories together that contribute to the growth and success of our Children’s lives. This is who we are. We are Freedom.  

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